Here's NATURAL, Claudia Pereira and Francis Demange's album. Issued in decembre 2011, it's the result of a five years collaboration of both musicians who, influenced by jazz, pleasantly flirt with the Soul and Gospel.

From Jazz to Bossa-nova, from immortal Ballads to Pop music, the themes are played most freely.

Claudia Peireira belongs to this generation of singers who, coming to music through Pop, Funk or Gospel, move the Jazz standards horizon back. A voice timbre which makes you shudder, a communicative stage energie, a Zen mood are all these qualities which make that Claudia is a worthy interpreter of great standards in the tradition of Dee De Bridgewater, Aretha Franklin or Billie Holiday.
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Francis Demange is a complete musician, at the same time a pianist and a flutist, a soloist and an accompanist, an arranger and a composer. After working with Marc Thomas, Tony Di Caprio, Paul Davies, Peter Giron, Jacky Samson...... After several movie musics, we were able to listen to him those last years with Bertrand Auger Quintet (metamorphosis album - 2003), then with his own Quartet (Living Standard album - 2009), and now a duet with Claudia Pereira. So now on he plays on three albums from the Jim A. music label catalogue.
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Tacklist of Natural

1 Don't look back in anger (Noel Thomas Gallagher)*
2 O bebado e o equilibrista (Aldir Blanc, Joao Bosco)*
3 Nica's dream (Dee Dee Bridgewater, Horace Silver)*
4 Georgia on my mind (Stuart Gorell, Hoagy Carmichael) *
5 Historia de un amor (Carlos Eleta Almaran)*
6 Garota de Ipanema (Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim)**
7 Spain (Chick Corea, Al Jarreau)*
8 Cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)*
9 Billie Jean (Michaël Jackson)***
10 A night in Tunisia (Jon Hendricks Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli)*
11 Your song (Bernie Taupin, Elton John)*
12 Samba em preludio (Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell)****
13 God bless the child (Arthur Herzog Jr, Billie Holiday)*
14 Imagine (John Lennon)*

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* Claudia Pereira (voice), Francis Demange (piano)
** Claudia Pereira (voice), Francis Demange (piano, flute)
*** Claudia Pereira (voice), Christian Tramoni (guitar)
**** Claudia Pereira (voice), Christian Tramoni (guitar), Francis Demange (flute)

technical data :
voice : Claudia Pereira
piano, flute: Francis Demange
guest : Christian Tramoni (guitar)

recording : Jim Assan / Jim A. musiques - april to july 2011
sound design : Mathieu Demange
mix: Thomas Vingtrinier / Studio Sequenza, Montreuil, France, sept. 2011
mastering: Raphaël Jonin / Studio JRaph, Clichy, France, sept. 2011
graphics design : Sylvie Rochart / Claudia Pereira
photos: Névine Kocher

distribution : for this album we have decided an exclusive numerical distribution, but those who want a physical cd can order it here.



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