Claudia Pereira and Francis Demange 
soon available : their duos Natural album, with pop, brazilian, and jazz songs

Claudia Pereira (voice), Francis Demange (piano, flute), and Christian Tramoni (guitar) on two tracks.

Francis Demange quartet
They have recorded their fisrt LP, already available... Just standards, but revisited,
refreshed, and surprising.

Francis Demange (piano), Bertrand Auger (saxes, alto clarinet), Marc-Michel Le Bévillon (bass) ,
Jean-Claude Jouy (drums), and Sylvain Gontard (trumpet) invited on Take Five

Bertrand Auger quintet
Alliance of some old accomplices about an original and intimist repertoire, at the junction of jazz and latin rythmics.

impressionist melodies, dynamic palette and refined harmonies...

Christel Assan

she sings for us again the american jazz standards, those old melodies that we all already know, often without being aware of it...

accompanied par Bertrand Auger, François Laizeau, M.-M. Le Bévillon and Jim Assan
Jim Assan (Jim A.)
some lenghtly matured original compositions, where pianist Jim Assan appears surrounded with outstanding performers



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